Revenge Porn

With the advent of mobile phone and internet technology, the phenomenon of sending raunchy text or picture messages to a partner has become more common. Increasingly, posting sexually explicit picture messages of former partners on social media or other online platforms is becoming prevalent.  This offence has been dubbed as “revenge porn”. To protect people[…]

What is Robbery?

Robbery is the taking of property belonging to another person with violence or by threat of violence. This is an offence under s94 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). In order to prove a charge of robbery, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt: That the accused with the intent to steal; Took property; From the[…]

Drug Driving Charges

Every Police car in NSW has the power to request a driver to submit to a Mobile Drug Test (“MDT”). If you are pulled over for an MDT, the Police will request you lick a test pad. If this drug driving test is positive, the Police then arrest the driver and undertake a further oral[…]

What is Kidnapping?

Kidnapping is the taking or detaining of a person without their consent with the intention of holding the victim to ransom or for obtaining any other advantage. In order to prove a charge of kidnapping, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt: That you took or detained the victim; and This was done without the[…]